Artificial Nails

Bio Sculpture Gel Full Set $60

Bio Sculpture Gel Refill $45

Solar Gel Full Set $50

Solar Gel Refill $35

Powder Gel Full Set $45

Powder Gel Refill $30

Acrylic Full Set $35

Acrylic Refill $25

Artificial Nails Removal $15

Nail Repair $5 & Up

Healthier Choice Dipping Powder

NuGenesis Dip Nail Application $40

NuGenesis Dip Nail Full Set With Tips $50

NuGenesis Dip Nail Redo $40

NuGenesis Dip Nail Removal $15

Bio Seaweed Gel

Big-5 free!

Free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, BHA and solvents! Bio Seaweed Gel is odourless, dustless, Cruelty-free, Vegan-Friendly and safe for all ages and even pregnant women & nursing mothers.
NuGenesis Dip Nail
Non-Toxic, Odor Free, No UV Light or Harmful Primers, Strong & Durable, Healthier Nails, Vitamin E & Calcium Fortified, Long Lasting Shine, Looks & Feels Natural, Environmentally Friendly! Air dries quickly leaving a long lasting shine. In addition, NUGENESIS nails look and feel very natural, and can be applied on natural nails or extensions.